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Avanti Painting Inc®. assures its customers of high quality and reliability. We promise to provide our clients classy results of painting services in Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado and California. Let us solve your issues, just contact us. We are arranging on-site and remote discovery meetings to discuss your requirement. 

We will discuss all your queries in detail. Ensuring your safety and security, we provide our customers, the world’s best experience, through innovative ideas, creative painting, and trendy patterns. 

We Provide a Wide Range of Coverage Through Our National Accounts

Our web of 350 local teams and franchises having professionals, with more than 25 years of experience, offers superior expertise of commercial painting services in California, Colorado, Arizona, Arkansas, Alaska, Alabama and Pleasanton. With customer satisfaction as a prime goal. 

The locally owned and well-managed tributaries of Avanti painting Inc®. are the biggest strength for its consistent and interrupted service delivery to each customer, with intact security. We are a uniquely creative, popular, smart, and trustworthy company that expanded over multiple states of Northern America.


Commercial Painting Services

Enjoy the smooth comfy and efficient painting experience. With world-class professionalism, Avanti Painting Inc®. offers a wide variety of commercial painting services in Pleasanton and other states. Our experts provide accurate estimates, high speed, and high quality. We fulfill the required task with great care, follow the flexible schedule to avoid disruption at your workplace. For more details see the list given below.

Awnning Removal & Replacement

To ensure successful removal of the awning and to get long-lasting services. Just let Avanti Painting Inc. show its magical services. Removing and replacing awning can be hectic but our professionals have made it easy for you. We assure you awesome results.

Brick Waterpro0fing

Apply a brick sealer to resist water absorption in the walls of your commercial building. Allow Avanti to guide and help you, in keeping your brick and mortar away from water, by coating the waterproofing solution.

Concrete ceiling repair

Protect and repair the concrete ceiling of your commercial property, by avoiding stains and disruption. Fix all the problems in your ceiling, whether big or small. Get rid of these defects. Allow Avanti painting Inc. and its professional experts to help you.

Eifs Repair

Our professionals provide high-quality and durable repairing services for cracked exterior insulation and finish systems. Avoid accumulation of water and moisture in the cracks. Get the defective holes sealed. When required, contact Avanti painting Inc. for the best commercial painting services in Alabama and other states including Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado and Pleasanton.

Epoxy floor coatings

Let Avanti’s experts make your flooring long-lasting. Staining the interior and exterior of a commercial property gives a new and unique look. Our professionals have detail knowledge of concrete staining and epoxy resinous finish. We always want the best for our customers and provide an improved, secure, and cost-effective outlook.

Exterior Painting

Expand your business by making your building more attractive for the customers. The external decoration is a crucial part of the painting process, as it gives complete look. We provide all the services without any hassle. Our commercial painting services in California’s surroundings, provided by the team of experts working round the year, making it a lot easier to achieve an effective external environment.

High-Durability coatings

Avanti Painting Inc. guarantees highly durable coatings, and revives the essence of the perfect place, for you. Saves your long term investment by long-lasting and extraordinary painting services.

Interior Painting

The experts at Avanti Painting Inc. offers the perfect matching guidance for colors and interior decoration. Take our consultation team on board and create a vision for your interior design.

Light Carpentry and Repairs

Avanti Inc. offers an overall package of services with great pleasure. Our experts deal efficiently in recoating, repairing, or replacing the drywall, plaster, wood, siding, stucco, or exterior wood, etc. Get your required service in no time with our experienced professionals.

Pest Control

Avanti offers complete Pest control as a necessary step in the painting process. Our experts seal all the holes and cracks in a commercial building to avoid pests. Though pest control looks trivial, it is important.

Power Washing


Replace the dark and bland tone colors with new and attractive at your new commercial place. Removing old dark coloration is a bit time taking but you will be proud of your transformed place. Rebrand your place with attractive and elegant paints by Avanti. Get the signage and painting process done evenly and timely.

Line Striping for Parking Lots

Keeping the traffic well organize in a parking lot is real.ly difficult. Avoid interruption because of fading lines and insert essential line stripping by contacting Avanti.

Masonry coating and repair

Are you worried about the exterior of your stucco? Then repair the cracks in the parapet by using the expertise of Avanti’s professionals. Get more details about our stucco repair services.

Parapet repairs

Because of their exposures to the elements, parapet are more likely to crack than other part of your stucoo exterior, learn more about our repair services.


Our crew work keenly on commercial projects, make inspections, and analyze your project, to guide our valued customers.  Avanti Painting Inc. offers high-quality services of stucco repair in Alabama State and northern America via knowledgeable professionals.


We at Avanti Painting Inc. also offer painting services for economical construction materials such as T1-11 siding. Contact us whenever you need it.


Save your commercial property from harmful impacts of freeze-thaw and erosion caused by expansion. Hire Avanti for effective and long-lasting sealing.


Avanti is always here to protect your commercial sidings. Either you have vinyl siding, traditional siding, or any other high tech siding. Our experts will guide and provide high-class painting and repairing services to restore at the price half of the new one


For long-lasting waterproof coatings and sealants contact Avanti professionals. Our local service centers always make sure to completely protect your surfaces from harsh weather conditions via effective paint coatings.


Our experienced experts have formulated painting solutions and ways to avoid wood rot. We provide high-quality painting services for wood rot repairing.


Get your waterproofing and sealing completed timely, by contacting Avanti painting professionals. Our crew of experts provides extraordinary painting services for commercial building rooftops, equipment, materials, pipelines, and roofing system. We coat for convenience and comfort.


Commercial building doors are expensive.  Replacement of the rusted door can burden your account. So, get new paint on it with professionals from Avanti. Our experts are known for highly classy services.


Stenciling attracts customers. Commercial stenciling used for room decorations, sidewalls embellishment, buildings indication, parking lots for directions, and various other purposes, absolutely enhance the value of a place. So, Contact Avanti for classy stenciling.

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The professionals at Avanti Painting Inc. will transform your commercial property, home, or workspace into a creative marvel, leaving you in amazement.

Professional Commercial Painting Types

Disciplined and well-managed work is a prerequisite for effective commercial painting services. Our team of specialists provides topnotch service and guarantee in time project completion with classy results. You can have a quality experience and can enjoy a variety of services by choosing Avanti. Our professional commercial painting services can be in various sectors.

Retail Painting

Our experts know well the problems in retail exterior and interior spaces. For extraordinary customer’s experience, Avanti painting Inc. has devised an effective plan of action, using a creative and unique idea. We will make you proud of your space through extraordinary painting services.

Health Care Painting

We deliver top-class healthcare painting services. Avanti’s local expert centers work for an effective and impressive group living, assisted living facilities, and individual living practices in a variety of healthcare settings.

Hospitality Painting

Do you want a refreshing and elegant look for the rooms, halls, and common areas of your hotels? Avanti is here for you. Our creative and uniquely skilled experts understand your guests as a priority. We design your places with affection so that your customers feel comfy and cozy.

School Painting

Avanti Painting Inc. is a trustworthy company for schools, Colleges, and universities. Make your lecture halls, classrooms, labs, auditorium, and exterior surfaces extraordinary with high-quality painting services.

Amusement and recreation facilities

We at Avanti painting Inc. offer commercial painting services for amusement and recreational sites. We ensure they are well decorated. Our painting services make them more attractive and enhance their beauty.

Health Care Facility Case Study

In 2017, Avanti was hired by a local client, for a Southern United States-based project, in the mental healthcare center of a metropolitan area, for cleaning and painting services. On getting the required results, the facility manager expanded our scope of work. We were assigned full recoating and painting of Hallways, offices, sleeping quarters, common areas, and center’s offices.

We had used effectively the elastomeric coating and stucco patches, which required the use of a 65’ boom lift, for repairing the hard coat sidings. Then, there happened the closure of downtown streets, a detailed traffic plan, extensive permit approvals and signage, and off-duty police for traffic control. Our extraordinary workers handled everything in an organized manner making the whole project a great success.


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